Friday, May 1, 2009

Twelve GOPers defect, choose ACORN and political expediency over ballot integrity, principle

And on the same day I said something nice about the caucus here on RightMichigan.
It was just yesterday that I praised the House GOP for having the stones and the urgency to recognize the severity of a $1.32 BILLION budget crisis and to try (at least) to take some immediate action to right-size the size of our state government. Then twelve of them follow up that great move with this bone-head play?

No GOP legislator interview today. I'm frustrated personally but I don't think I'm going to be alone. This is the kind of nonsense that makes it tough for the GOP to build an effective brand.

Voter Fraud is on the rise across the country. Milwaukee's top election official has asked for criminal investigations of 49 voter registration workers for a registration scam that would involve absentee voting. Federal and state authorities are looking into widespread voter fraud in parts of Alabama including the abuse of absentee ballots. In a June primary in one county the number of people voting was six times the state average. Federal officials said some people voted six times in the election. Federal officials raided the offices of ACORN, a leftist community action group, in Nevada and found evidence of widespread fraud in voter registration in preparation for an absentee ballot voting drive.

But we don't have to go to Milwaukee or Alabama. In Macomb County the Warren City Clerk conducted a random check of 10 new voter registrations turned in by the same organization, ACORN, and found all 10 to be false. FULL STORY.

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