Thursday, March 18, 2010

Michigan Supreme Court urged to take tax case

This is really special. Michigan can't balance it's budget and keeps crying poor. Yet, Michigan Economic Development Corporation is giving $9.1 Million in tax breaks to a convicted embezzler and scam artist.
See story below.

At the same time, the Michigan Municipal League and Michigan Assessors Association

I'll bet that most people didn't know that this is a International organization

Vision Statement
IAAO will be the internationally recognized leader and preeminent source for innovation, education and research in property appraisal, assessment administration and property tax policy.
Adopted by the IAAO Executive Board October 7, 2006

Well, anyway, these people are upset because they can't raise the property tax because one of the owners died and the other is still living.

Associated Press Writer

DETROIT (AP) — A successful tax appeal on a modest three-bedroom home in northern Michigan has stirred up cash-hungry local governments, which are pleading with the state Supreme Court to reverse the decision.

The Michigan Municipal League and Michigan Assessors Association claim the state appeals court has created a “loophole” that could prevent local governments from boosting the assessments of certain properties.

In December, the appeals court said it was illegal for Charlevoix to uncap and nearly double the taxable value of a home after the death of a co-owner. James Klooster had added his son, Nathan, to the deed in 2004, five months before his death.

The court said the elder Klooster’s death did not trigger a transfer in ownership under state law. In Michigan, the taxable value of a home can’t go up much unless there’s a new owner, typically through a sale. FULL STORY

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