Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Shame on Everyone for Obamacare

Here are some words of wisdom for everyone to take heed to. Many have emailed me asking, "What do we do now?" I suggest you watch this video and listen carefully. And those of you who think that this health care take over is a good thing, you need to stop looking at your own selfish want's and start thinking about how this country is going to pay for it. (Continued below)

The one thing I have come to be made aware of is how Union Employees refuse to admit they are the fault of this. In the 1970's, unions started demanding more and more benefits from their employers. Those of us who were just starting our families them still remember what it was like to be able to go to the doctor and receive quality time and care. The cost of a doctor visit back then was $40 and we paid for it out of our own pocket. We not only had better care, we have better limited coverage. That's because we were willing to pay for prescriptions and office visits.

Then in the 80's, came HMO's and managed health care because Union employees didn't think they should have to pay for office visits or prescription drugs, and dental coverage on top of it all. Oh yes, lets not forget that the union employee only want's to pay for about 10% of the policy leaving the company responsible for the other 90% of the cost of their great insurance. Want to know why the cost of insurance keeps going up and quality keeps going down?

Ask the Unions!

Want to know why all the good paying jobs have gone overseas?

Ask the Unions!

Companies could either go bankrupt here because of the cost of retirement benefits on top of current wages and benefits or go overseas and cut the cost of labor.

Want to know who the biggest lobby in the country today is?

Ask the Unions!

All you have to do is talk to a union employee today and they will tell you that all those poor people who can't afford health care coverage need this health care passed. But they can't explain how that same poor person is going to be able to pay for a forced policy under Obamacare. What, is Obamacare going to magically increase their wages while it forces them to buy insurance?

It's so sad to watch this country go bankrupt because these people, who belong to unions, want everything handed to them on a silver spoon, yet have not one bit of conscience of the consequences.

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