Monday, April 20, 2009

Every Penny You Own Is In Danger… Join Me On May 7th As We Say “Enough is Enough”!

Dateline: April 20, 2009

Dear Newsmax Patriot,

Our country is in dangerous hands. Over the last year and a half you’ve seen your 401k obliterated…your investment portfolio drained and the value of your home demolished. And despite the recent rally, I promise you dark times are ahead.

Instead of helping the 3.3 million people that have lost their jobs over the last 5 months (5.1 million since 2007)…President Obama is taking great effort to grant amnesty to 12 million illegal immigrants.

How can that possibly help your friends, family and neighbors that are getting laid off, forced to leave their homes, or even worse – left homeless altogether.

America has become the land of corporate welfare checks…taking money out of your pocket and handing it to greedy Wall Street crooks who ask for their bailout and then go cash a 7 figure bonus check.

To this point, your voice has landed on deaf ears in Washington, D.C. Today, I need your help to change this.

Take Action and Save Your Money From Destruction!

I’m angry . . . and I’m guessing so are you.

But before today there wasn’t much you could do about it. How could your voice be heard over all of the cheering and celebrity praise for our “Rock Star” president?

No longer will our message fall on deaf ears.

Today I’m calling out for you to join me as I set forth a plan to retake the money and financial opportunities that have been stolen from you.

At noon, on May 7th, I’ll be hosting a National Webcast to reveal a blueprint for how you can save your nest egg and investments from utter oblivion.

I’m gathering the Nation’s best (and unbiased) minds on finance and together we’ll hand you a free roadmap to financial recovery. Former CNN anchor, Bob Losure will join me to help moderate this ground-breaking event.

This won’t be some retread of the garbage “solutions” you are fed by the mainstream media . . . I’ll be sharing specific points you can implement into your portfolio immediately to start to gain back everything you’ve lost.

And on this webcast, I will be making an announcement that will absolutely shock you into action . . . I promise it.

Attendance is free. I owe it to you for being a loyal Newsmax follower. I read your emails. I understand your fears of the future. I want to help. CLICK HERE.

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