Tuesday, April 21, 2009

HR20-New Mother's Mandated Mental Health Test-JUST PASSED HOUSE!

This is the most absurd thing that I have yet to see come out of Washington DC. Now I know for sure the rummers are all true about those people up on the HILL who are reported to be our representatives. We are under the control of a bunch of DRUNKS and DRUG ADDICTS.

No rational person would vote for this insane Mothers Act!

A sweeping government policy for all new births in the United States has just passed the House of Representatives and is now headed to the Senate. The Mother's Act, if passed, will mandate that all new mothers be screened by means of a list of subjective questions that will determine if each mother is mentally fit to take their newborn home from the hospital. Just imagine that after your child is born, you are told that you can't take them home since a multiple choice questionnaire wasn't answered correctly. Just imagine being told that the only way you can take your child home is if you or your spouse goes into treatment or on anti-depressants which we know causes psychosis, delusions, and even homocidal thoughts. It just doesn't make sense. Unfortunately, this bill is on a fast track--No public debate, no public disclosure of the broad impact on our society and that is why we need you to act now! FULL STORY.

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