Friday, April 17, 2009

Meet Jack - New member to our family.

I have been getting emails wondering what happened to me. Am I alright? Am I still alive? I lost a very special friend. His name was Pettie.

Pettie was a very special dog in my life. He was my constant companion but also very protective. He was known to even bite my husband Bill from time to time. Even though Pettie was only 5 years old, he came as a rescue dog and had health problems. I had to put him down on April 6, 2009. I was so heart broken that I want to share this slide music presentation of Petty at the beach of Lake Michigan in January of 2006.

My Birthday was yesterday, April 16. My husband Bill wanted so much to make my Birthday Wish come true. To find a puppy that would fill the void left by my Pettie's passing.

Meet Jack!

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