Saturday, April 25, 2009

SWM Lawmakers Talk The Fair Tax

Andrew Green Reporting
Most of the Southwest Michigan lawmakers we've spoken to about the idea of a Fair Tax have indicated reluctance at the implementing such a system here. It's basically an increased sales tax, which would replace the state income and business tax..and at lest one group is pushing to get the concept before voters in 2010. State Representative John Proos says that he doesn't sense much enthusiasm for the concept in Lansing:

While Proos says that all ideas should be on the table when addressing Michigan's revenue problems, he thinks that if Michigan were to go it alone with a Fair Tax, businesses could be scared away. State Representative Sharon Tyler agrees:

Congressman Fred Upton points out that previous attempts to pass a Fair Tax have failed. He said that such a move would have to be up to voters. CLICK HERE TO LISTEN TO AUDIO.

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