Friday, March 26, 2010

Dear Senator Levin,

On Mar 26, 2010, at 5:53 AM, wrote:

Dear Mr. Lear:

I thought you might appreciate knowing that Thursday afternoon the Senate passed important health care reform legislation.

You may be interested to read my full statement, which is available on my website, at [].

Carl Levin

Date: March 26, 2010 9:29:58 AM GMT-04:00
Subject: Re: Passage of Health Care Reform Legislation

Dear Senator Levin,

I thought you might appreciate knowing that we will now do everything to remove you from the United States Senate. You and Senator Stabenow have done enough damage to our country with your socialist Marxist UnConstitutional mandates.

You don't deserve the retirement benefits that you will receive from us, you have turned your back on the people you claim to represent and your oath to uphold, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America.

You Sir, should hang your head in shame, you have robbed the future generations of this country with your lies, greed and Godlessness.

William & Rose Lear


Internet said...

Beware when Rich DeVos, Jr seeks to offer him as "Michigan's Saviour."
He too is a Globalyst who along with his sidekick, Van Andel, engineered Communist Red China into the WTO, all in order to save their harmful "investment" into China. (NOT in Michigan) An amount "Amway" "invested" between 200 to 400 MILLION Dollar&.
He is a sell out, who sold out our nation to the Chinese Communist interest, period.
High Treason.
He has already reserved the following web sites, (through his son):

Lynne said...
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pepperpete1 said...

Mr. Levin,
You may appreciate knowing that I am not in favor of the health care reform legislation that has just passed, nor the manner in which it was forced upon us.

You have taken an oath to uphold the U S Constitution. I feel you have failed to do so by endorsing this bill.

I will be doing my best to see you will not remain in office. If there was a way I could FORCE you to participate in this bill by way of making you receive the "benefits" offered to the public I would.

I am not happy with the dictatorial way that the US senate and US congress have been passing legislation with no regard to the wishes of the people who employ them.

Patricia Petersen

Internet said...

I believe there is a way for us to get these treasonous sob's to bite the dust of their violation of the US Constitution.

What is needed is for someone to draft an Affidavit, and DEMAND, not merely ask, each individual seeking any public office to SIGN and NOTORIZE it under the Penalty of Perjury if they ever seek to re-invoke being excluded at any time. Plus, that they will immediately forgo their exclusion from being covered by the SAME "health care" coverage imposed on the entire population.

Also, that they will immediately forfeit their "retirement" of receiving FULL PAY for life, (plus ALL pay increases that may apply to each of them), UNDER PENALTY of PERJURY.

If they REFUSE to sign, under Oath and under the Penalty of Perjury, then make a GREAT BIG issue out it.

In fact, do NOT allow ANY OTHER issue to be raised UNTIL they are publicly shamed into signing it, period.

Guess what? If or when we insist upon this, many who today are not planning to "retire" will suddenly announce that they DO INTEND to retire. SO make an Issue out it! BIG TIME ISSUE! Even for all those attempting to "retire" without signing off to their bennies.

Each Elected Member of Congress and the Senate must totally GIVE UP ALL OF THEIR special rights, benefits, privileges, and exclusions to expect and to ask for our votes. It would be absolutely hypocritical for them to refuse.

So we do not allow them to refuse!


This will drive reality home to each and every single one of them the reality of what they have done to us.

NO EXCLUSIONS! They are acting and behaving like ROYALTY, and not as our Servants!

Include that they also agree to live under and within the Social Security System as well.

This negates and supercedes all Exclusionary Clauses they have built into the legislation they just passed.

If it is good enough for anybody then it is also good enough for EVERYBODY, including, not excluding, THEM!