Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Gerald Celente on The Tommy Schnurmacher Show - CJAD 800 - 04 Aug 2011

The collapse: Celente predicted it would happen. It's happening!

INTERNATIONAL. On June 13th, Trends
Journal subscribers and the global media received this Trend Alert®: “Collapse It’s Coming! Are You Ready?”

In that Trend Alert®, Gerald Celente accurately predicted that a global economic collapse was imminent. “The economy is on the threshold of calamity … another violent financial episode is looming,” he wrote.

Celente warned that the trends of the Summer of 2011 paralleled those in play during August of 2007, trends that had culminated in the “Panic of ’08.”

He dismissed the assurances of world leaders that policies were in place to mitigate the escalating European and US debt crises.

He discounted “media experts” promoting an imaginary recovery or debating the prospects of a double-dip recession.

It was all bogus. Those assurances were hot air, and the “recovery” talk and “double-dip recession” debates were just red herrings. FULL STORY

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