Monday, August 8, 2011

You Better Be Prepared!

Global stocks fall as Europe bond relief fades
Asian and European stocks are down Monday. The downgrade of U.S. debt is overshadowing bond purchases that the European Central bank is making to help Italy and Spain avoid defaulting on their debts. FULL STORY

Gold at record over $1,700; nothing eases debt worry

(Reuters) - Gold vaulted above $1,700 an ounce for the first time on Monday, after the respective pledges by the G7 and the European Central Bank to quell the turbulence in the financial markets did nothing to put investors at ease. FULL STORY

Britain, other eurozone countries face ratings cut: Jim Rogers

(Reuters) - Britain and several euro zone countries are likely to have their credit ratings cut in coming months as debt problems worsen, and Western policymakers are bound to embark on more quantitative easing to get their economies moving, American investor Jim Rogers said on Monday. FULL STORY

We Are Going To Have More Sell-Offs In The Next 
2 Or 3 Years

This is not a one day thing... this has been building for a while... people have been worried about markets... commodity markets have been doing better but at the moment everything is going down because everybody is afraid of everything. FULL STORY

Domestic Terrorists? Communities Coin Their Own Currency To Survive The Collapse

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