Monday, December 14, 2009

City of Muskegon has added several new “user fees”

Muskegon is having the same problem as the State and Federal Governments. Keeping enough money in the general fund to pay it's employees wages, medical and pension. So while the rest of us struggle to keep food on the table and a roof over our head, the City of Muskegon figures out ways to charge more for services that we as citizens could do for ourself.

By Dave Alexander | Muskegon Chronicle
The city of Muskegon has added several new “user fees” for 2010 and increased others as it attempts to keep its finances above water in the face of revenue declines from state and local sources.

User fees are important to the city’s $23.9 million general fund, accounting for more than $2 million in revenue.

“It’s significant revenue,” City Manager Bryon Mazade said. “We try to set the fees with an eye towards making them commensurate to the services provided.

Other new 2010 Muskegon fees or changes include:

• $50 for a “going out of business sale” permit, as prescribed by state law.

• 5 cents per label for voter registration mailing labels.

• $800 for a storm sewer connection.

• $25 for a sports field setup, an increase from $10.

• $15 for planning department documents on a disk.

• $50 for the Muskegon Channel picnic shelter rental.

• $50 for picnic table reservations at Margaret Drake Elliot Park.


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