Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Lawsuit challenges Indianapolis traffic court fines

By Jason Thomas

The lawsuit, filed by Indianapolis attorney Paul K. Ogden, claims Marion County Traffic Court Judge William Young imposes fines of up to an additional $500 against defendants who choose to have their day in court and are found guilty rather pay their traffic or parking ticket.

"The threat of additional fines has caused a number of defendants who believed they were innocent to instead pay their ticket rather than risk going before Judge Young," the complaint states.

The lawsuit, which names Young, the traffic court and the city of Indianapolis as defendants, also cites a news release from the city of Indianapolis in which officials intend to authorize a new parking citations court to fine defendants up to $2,500 if they challenge their parking tickets.

The lawsuit, which was filed on behalf of defendants who have appeared or who will appear before the traffic court, also claims that the court's practice of closing its courtroom to the public is unconstitutional. In the lawsuit, Ogden seeks an order to end the closed courtroom practice. FULL STORY

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