Wednesday, December 9, 2009

"ORIGINAL INTENT" Documentary on the Constitution Is Released

ORIGINAL INTENT was released on 02 December 2009. Unfortunatley Sundance Film Festival passed on this film. Nevertheless, after considerable correspondence with one of the Festival managers, Adam Montgomery, we are convinced that Sundance passed on it, not because of any political agenda or pressure from sponsors, but because a 197-minute documentary is simply too long for the festival format and may be "too intelectual for a lay public" to absorb in a theatrical sitting. We did make the Festival aware (through Landon in the LA office) that a 120-minute version would probably be cut, and would definately be cut if ORIGINAL INTENT was accepted, however this information seems to have been lost in the shuffel. The 197-minute, 2-disk DVD has been authored and is now available at http://www.OriginalIntent.US. A shorter version will be available later, and eventually this or Part I will be placed on the Internet for free.

Even though Sundance rejected ORIGINAL INTENT, the grass roots seems to be having its revenge, as the documentary completely sold out its first printing 3 hours after it was released. The manufacturer informs us that a second printing will start going out this Thursday, 10 December 2009, so waits should not be too long for those that wish to order it as a single DVD or in quantities. READ MORE

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