Sunday, March 20, 2011

Abolish the Fed or Pass another Un-Fair Tax.

I have received emails from a few people asking who I'm going to support for President in 2012. Some of them even asked what I thought of "THE DONALD".

I don't know who I'm going to support. I know that it isn't anyone so far that has tipped their hat in the race.

The person I will support will be whom ever stands up and promises to abolish the Federal Reserve Act. That will have to be the number one priority.

I also want to hear that they will abolish the NEA and a few other Federal agencies.

It will have to be someone who will promise to go to Congress and ask Congress for a "Declaration of War" before attacking another country.

Fed Economist in Total Retreat: Is It Because of an Even More Embarassing Post?

David Andolfatto, Vice President in the Research Division of the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, has still not responded to my argument against his point that a 95% decline in the value of the dollar was not harmful. I wrote:

That's it, the beginning and end of Andolfatto's Fed defense of destroying 95% of the value of the dollar. It all works out in the end, says Andolfatto. But, please, Mr. Andolfatto explain to me how this works out for someone who has been a careful saver of his money and now sees the purchasing power of that money destroyed? Please explain to me how this works out for a retired person on a fixed income who sees the declining purchasing power of that income? Please explain to me how this works out for the rest of the country when Wall Street bankers are the first to get their hands on newly printed Fed money, so that they can bid up all kinds of prices, including rents on apartments, which makes it difficult for anyone but a Wall Streeter to afford to live in Manhattan?

These damages, Mr. Andolfatto, you somehow don't see and even think Ron Paul is stupid and a pinhead for raising questions about them.

Now, it's not a case that Andolfatto hasn't seen my post or thought the post not worthy of reply. He wrote to me in an email:

You ask some good questions in your post and I'll do my best to address them.

Perhaps, we will hear from him down the road with a reply. FULL STORY

Ron Paul’s 3/17/2011 Monetary Policy Hearing – 3 Speakers
The audio was terrible on the original video, so SOUTHERN BREAD cut out the three testimonies and boosted the volume on each.

Lewis Lehrman:

James Grant:

Joseph Salerno:

Now, why am I so opposed to the "Michigan Fair Tax"??? Because the Michigan Fair Tax does not address even one of the problems with our Tax System or our Economic Decline due to Inflation. The Fair Tax only eliminates Corporations paying property and income taxes and places all the burden of supporting our bloated government on to the individual.

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