Friday, March 18, 2011

Bernard von NotHaus, creator of the Liberty Dollar Convicted

Guilty on two counts


Bernard von NotHaus, creator of the Liberty Dollar, was found guilty on two counts this morning in his counterfeiting trial at the federal courthouse in Statesville, N.C.

He was found guilty of making counterfeit coins and an intent to defraud. Sentencing will be held in several months.

The jury reached its decision in less than 90 minutes.

In this week's four days of defense testimony, von NotHaus maintained that his "medallion" was not legal tender. He said each piece contained the NORFED name and telephone number, but the government pointed out that the silver pieces bore a very strong resemblance to legal U.S. tender coins.

Forfeiture hearings began after the verdict was read in regard to property belonging to von NotHaus and others that was seized by the U.S. government. FULL STORY

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George said...

The federal court's verdict in this case doesn't surprise me in the least - it's just one more example of government turned on it's ear.
This verdict is clearly bogus.
Remember, only the government is allowed to break the law, and even when no crime has been committed (as in this instance) if the government says a law has been broken, you or I can, and likely WILL be convicted!

counterfeit: 1. : made in imitation of something else with intent to deceive : forged

Norfed wasn't printing currency with no intrinsic backing, or striking coins out of base metals like nickel and zinc.
I think we all know who the REAL counterfeiters are!