Monday, March 14, 2011

Gov. Snyder v. Rachel Maddow

"MSNBC Rachel Maddow Becomes First Out Lesbian to Host Prime-Time News Show" So says Wikipedia

Now, I really don't care who Rachel Maddow CHOOSES to sleep with. After all, GOD gave us that INALIENABLE Right to CHOICE, not something any Court or Human can give us or take away from us, for that matter.

BUT!!! When this Glory Seeking Californian starts sticking her BIG FAT NOSE in the business of Michigan, you can just bet I will take the HAG on. So come on HAG RACHEL, one Aries to another. But then Rachel was born April 1, 1973, and isn't she just an APRIL FOOL!!! Unlike myself, born on April 16, 1950, with both the Sun and Moon in Aries Rachel.

I've heard from so many people who are so upset with the HAG'S (Hag refers to Rachel from this point on) show on "Michigan your screwed" that she forgot to tell everyone the facts. The HAG just went on a Rant and didn't bother to back anything up with facts and let everyone thinking that Gov. Rick Snyder was passing some new law that allowed him to take over local governments.

Well everyone, THE HAG forgot to mention that it was DemoRAT Mike Blanchard who signed into LAW The Local Government Fiscal Accountability Act. And THE HAG forgot to mention that Disgusting Big Spending Us To Bankruptcy Jennifer Granholm use this ACT. Must be early stages of Alzheimer's HAG. Better get it checked out, I hear the drug companies have some real good drugs to slow down the disease.

So, here's the truth for those who care and prefer not to listen to some BUTCH LESBIAN FROM CALIFORNIA who has her own agenda.

Maddow: “Michigan Republicans are telling them they are about to lose their right to elect local government. The Governor is just going to take care of that from now on. You see, the Governor knows best. This whole democracy thing? Turns out it is very inefficient.”

Reality check:

The Local Government Fiscal Accountability Act has been in place since 1990 and was signed by a Democrat governor – Jim Blanchard. Six cities, one village and one school district have operated under an EFM and declarations of financial emergency were made by both Republican Gov. John Engler and Democratic Gov. Jennifer Granholm.

“This law actually encourages local governments to fix their own problems so that the state doesn’t have to do it,” Hohman said. “If local leaders continually choose to ignore or hide their financial responsibility, then the state has a process to help the local government avoid bankruptcy. If the local unit continually refuses to follow the plans laid out, then the state government can appoint a short-term Emergency Manager. “

LaFaive said the existing law permits the elected officials to thwart the needed reforms.
“It was the elected governments that failed to respond effectively in the first place and may have actually caused the problems that brought the unit into fiscal disrepair in the first place,” LaFaive wrote. “The state law also gives that unit fair warning about the consequences of not solving its own fiscal problems.”


freedoms-fool said...

Now, I really don't care who Rachel Maddow CHOOSES to sleep with. After all, GOD gave us that INALIENABLE Right to CHOICE, not something any Court or Human can give us or take away from us, for that matter.

I beg to disagree: No one does he command to act unjustly, to none does he give license to sin. Sir 15:20

Rose said...

Funny isn't it, how I am willing to speak my mind and everyone knows who I am. Freedoms-fool is a ghost who hides like the LITTLE MAN behind the curtain in "The Wizard of Oz".

Rose said...

I don't care what Rachel Maddow does with her personal life--God does give us freedom to accept or reject him, although I thought you were awfully nasty to her. But that is not the main thing I want to say; what is your take on the bill that Gov. Snyder IS passing? Is it the same as the one already there, or has he elaborated on the ability of the gov. to remove collective bargaining rights?
--one Rose to another :)

Rose said...

Rose, you think I was hard on her? Is California then the model that we should follow for financial security in this state?

Rachel Maddow has her own agenda and it's one the Democrats have pushed to get the gay, lesbian vote. While many may choose to call me Homophobe;

homophobia |ˌhōməˈfōbēə|
an extreme and irrational aversion to homosexuality and homosexual people.

Don't you find it ODD that the word Hetrophobe doesn't exist?

And isn't it strange that while the built in dictionary in my computer has Homophobia but My 1963 American College Dictionary doesn't have the word Homophobia in it???

As for the Bill that the MICHIGAN LEGISLATORS are passing and Gov. Rick Snyder signed, it's a budget bill which will allow him to enforce the Local Government Fiscal Accountability Act that was signed into law by Gov. Blanchard.

Does it broaden his power to bust up public employee unions? Well, only if that local government has over promised and can't meet it's obligations. Can you promise the sun, moon and stars to another person when you know you can't ever home to fulfill that obligation?

Jeff Boldt said...

Rose, I think my comment was rather straightforward. By hard on Rachel Maddow, I think you chose some words that are inappropriate in a 'grown up' conversation, whether she is homo, hetro, or bi. Just because I don't have the same views as someone doesn't mean I should tear down that other person--I expected more from professional conversation than name calling. Or maybe that is something that you want to teach to your grandkids too? As for the bill--I don't know the specifics of what unions are promised, only that people should have the RIGHT to act accordingly with others when they feel they are not being treated fairly. Does Smyder elaborate or add to the bill that is, as you say, already in place?

Rose said...

Jeff, why is it that everyone depends on someone else to do their homework for them?

I would recommend that you go read the BILL so that YOU won't have to rely on FEAR MONGERING people like Rachel Maddow to keep you informed.

Now how's that for adult conversation?