Friday, March 11, 2011

April 15 is fast approaching!

I have to ask, does anyone really know what the IRS defines as "Taxable Income"???

Do you think the jury will stay awake long enough to determine if the DOJ and IRS proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that David Black evaded paying his fair share, or will the Prosecution just manage to end their case on Friday at noon and the jury who want's to go home come back 45 minutes later with a conviction.

Go figure.

My own experience is that the prosecution has a bunch of checks they will show the jury, a couple of ringers who are paid to sway the jury will say things like, "don't let them get away with not paying their fair share" and within 45 minutes or less on a Friday afternoon, Mr. Black will find himself CONVICTED.

Works every time!!! When's the last time you sat in a court and really watched a trial?

Michigan lawyer charged with tax evasion

David Black, a lawyer from Port Huron, Michigan, has been charged with tax evasion, after failing to report over $750,000 in taxable income. FULL STORY

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