Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Here's the deal

As the State Coordinator for We The People Congress in Michigan, I am really discouraged. Here's why.

This is the latest update that I put out today.

Here's the deal

There are 967 people in Michigan who receive these emails. The last email I sent out I asked for feedback. I received 3 (three) responses.

This time I received 2 (two) more.

NINE HUNDRED AND SIXTY SEVEN (967) people on this email list and 5 (five) people respond.

No wonder Michigan is going down the tubes.


YOU don't care.

Get a clue people, the only ones left working in this state are either government UNION employees, or health care, or law inforcement.

Now, keep in mind that for every government UNION working employee, YOU are paying 90% of their wonderful BLUE CROSS BLUE SHIELD health care policy. That amounts to somewhere between $1800 and $2000 for each employee, not to mention their dependents. And lets not forget when they retire, we are still comited to paying this.

And like every UNION, they want us to match their retirement 50 50 split.

Why can't Michigan balence the budget?

Oh I know, lets pass this FairTax Amendment. That way those of us who don't have government jobs, don't belong to a strong UNION, and aren't on welfare, can pay for the benefits that everyone else gets. Including those Legislators who serve 6 (six) years and collect.

What a deal.

So sit back in your easy chair, open another beer, turn on the Nascar Race and enjoy. We live in Michigan.

So why should I beat my head against a brick wall? For What? The rest of you don't care, why should I?


Ian said...

You're right, Rose. Quit bangin' your head against the wall. It's causing brain damage, as can be surmised about anyone who would term the Michigan FairTax as "Marxist."

You're confusing the FairTax with the Income Tax.

BciBrad said...

Marxism isn't far off the mark, especially when the income tax or the so-called fair tax is used to fund liabilities that help promote a difference between the have's and have-not's... We are well down the road to socialism and communism is right around the corner. Call it an income tax or a "fair" tax and it is still a tax.

JBNimble said...

Now THAT'S funny!!! A guy that uses a picture of Huckabee telling intelligent people that THEY have brain damage! LOL!!!

JBNimble said...

After the wreckless Wall Street fat cat and bank bailouts, and Obama's unprecedented, and irresponsible deficit spending, I have my own version of the "fair tax" that works like this: PAY NOTHING. That's fair.
That's what I'll be doing from now on, along with alot of other people. I refuse to fund corrupt government any longer.
The tax revolts have begun!