Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Poll: How do you feel about another political party?

Like many of you, I also have signed up for many news letters and updates from organizations around the state and country. Here is an interesting poll on the new US Taxpayers Party Of Michigan web site.

How do you feel about another political party?

I believe we need another choice.


No, we are fine with the major two parties.

CLICK HERE TO VOTE. If the link doesn't work for you copy and past this address in your browser http://www.ustpm.org/

That's a great question. The state of Minnesota answered it when they elected Jesse Ventura as their Governor. Everyone said it couldn't be done.

All those people before the last primary who told me they didn't want to throw their vote away on Ron Paul, are now saying they threw their vote away by not voting for Ron Paul.

Jesse Ventura at the Rally for the Republic


Eric said...

Um, yah. I lived in Minnesota when the moron was elected. The ONLY reason he was elected was that people thought it would be "cool" to have a former "super wrestler" as the governor. I cannot tell you how many people, two or three years after the election, expressed their utter buyer's remorse over Mr. Ventura. So many wished they had never voted for him. So his election does not simply prove that a third party can win. It only proves that people will vote for governor the same way in which they vote for American Idol! That, I think, is also how we ended up with the current president. Everyone voted on "image."

For the record, I believe Ron Paul is a much more principled and intelligent person than is Jesse Ventura. I don't think we ought to make any analogies between the two because it does injustice to Dr. Paul. I would have voted for Paul if I agreed with his foreign policy. That aside, I think he'd be a good man for the job.

Rose said...

Eric said...I would have voted for Paul if I agreed with his foreign policy.

And so WE ALL get what you voted for. And when it bankrupts the country WE ALL will suffer what you voted for.

Eric said...

Using tax money to fight off terrorists and the like is a legitimate use of tax money. The military is one of the few things the Federal government is supposed to look after. If you are worried about how much is spent on military operations, then you sure have not looked at what percentage of GDP that it currently represents. The exact figure evades me, but I do believe it's pretty low, even compared to non-war times.

I'd also like to note that you picked out one small thing I said and attacked it. Even when I specifically included things to show you we have some common ground, you could return it only with your nastiness and bitterness. Why can't you at least be civil, even while disagreeing on some of the issues?

Rose said...


sorry it took me so long to respond but I took the day off yesterday to get some things done in my garden.

As for my attacking you, I didn't mean it that way. I'm sorry you took it that way.

As for your position on military spending and it's being necessary to fight terrorists, I'm far more afraid of the terrorists who hold office in this country than someone in a faraway country that I've never been to.

War, Eric, is by declaration of Congress, not the President. We are not at war so why are we there. As for Iraq, we all now know that we were duped into that attack, so why are we there?

We may have common ground that we share but you didn't vote for any of it, instead you voted for the one difference of opinion that we share.

Funny isn't it Eric, that when you point that out to people, they always come back with comments like yours. I'm not attacking you, it's just the truth and we will all have to live with it and pay for it.