Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Return to Jekyll Island, Real Id Update, Karl Rove Confrontation

We The People Foundation

Tell Congress to sponsor HR 1207 "Audit the Fed" Bill


HR 833 "End The Fed" Bill

FIAT EMPIRE - Why the Federal Reserve Violates the U.S. Constitution

My personal belief is that with education, it will be the people of this country who will turn this country around and demand our employees, "The Politicians We Elect" to stay within their authority that WE gave them written within the Constitution.

Fiat Empire is a perfect documentary to educate on Who and What the Federal Reserve really is. If you feel the same way, than order the DVD and share it with others in your community. CLICK HERE

This Craziness Will End

Mises Daily by Christopher Westley | Posted on 6/2/2009 12:00:00 AM

Bad credit is credit produced out of thin air. In this case, when there is not enough money available to fuel a desired level of economic activity, it is simply printed up and injected into the banking system. It is no different, really, from when medieval kings would clip their coins or otherwise debase their currencies so they could finance wars and other spending necessary to their remaining in power. This was a practice that was roundly condemned as fraud and as a form of stealing by Scholastic scholars, who were the precursors to today's Austrian School economists.

For instance, the great Juan de Mariana invoked the papal bull Coena Domini — which excommunicated any ruler who imposed new taxes — to justify excommunicating rulers who debased the currency. Taxes and inflation, you see, were seen as equal forms of theft and as an evil that could endanger one's soul. (The king didn't like Mariana's writings and threw the 73-year old Jesuit in prison for making this argument public, an idea I am sure has come to the minds of Congressman Ron Paul's opponents in Washington.) FULL STORY

Fed Failure!

General Motors used to be among the giant companies widely considered “too big to fail.”

Almost all of Wall Street said a GM bankruptcy was “unthinkable.” Most Americans didn’t even consider it as a real possibility. And as recently as February, outgoing and incoming administration officials were still insisting they would never let it happen.

But three and a half years ago, in our October 11, 2005 edition, “GM Headed for Bankruptcy,” I warned you that “too big to fail” was a myth … that the myth would be shattered … and that the final day of reckoning for General Motors would be in federal bankruptcy court.

Now, that day is here.

General Motors, once the world’s largest company, will be in a New York bankruptcy court, filing for Chapter 11 later today, and it’s high time to declare that …

“Too Big to Fail” Has Failed

Plus, it’s high time for all Americans to confront a new, more sober reality: The government is not nearly as powerful as advertised. FULL STORY.

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