Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Clean Energy and Security Act brings auditors into your home

H.R. 2454 is a 1400-page promise to audit every aspect of your home and life under the guise of creating jobs, clean energy and a sustainable world. However, before we get into the bill lets examine the way it’s been handled.

The secrecy of the bill and the speed of which the legislation is being railroaded is quite alarming. The last two times I’ve seen this was with the Patriot Act and TARP legislation.

Congressman Ron Paul told the Washington Times that no one was allowed to read the Patriot Act, and for that, we received one of the most anti-American legislations we’ve ever seen. Complete with secret arrests, indefinite detentions and forced DNA collection from “suspected terrorists.”

TARP had similar shenanigans, it was rushed through the house, no one could read it and threats of Marshal Law were made. Rep. Brad Sherman tells us in the clip what happened behind closed doors.

Senator James Inhofe later revealed on a Tulsa Talk Show the US Secretary of the Treasury Henry Paulson was behind the Martial Law threat. The bill passed and TARP and other bailout schemes are currently at $13.9 trillion. It promised jobs, growth and economic recovery. Unemployment rates continue to sky rocket and most economists will tell you we are already in a depression. FULL STORY

Bureaucrats Will Carry Out Mandatory Home Inspections Under Climate Bill

The controversial climate bill that is set to be taken up by the Senate on Monday after its passage in the House will legislate home inspections by government regulators who will demand to audit every aspect of your property under the threat of substantial and repeated fines if their visits are denied or their demands not satisfied. FULL STORY

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