Sunday, July 12, 2009

How the media ignored Ron Paul and why it will be their undoing

I came across this article written by Doug Wead on

Once again, Ron Paul deserved to be in the headlines and once again the national media totally ignored him. Recently Ron Paul took on the Federal Reserve seeking to audit the secretive financial institution and a few months ago the nationwide ‘Tea Party’ protests of big taxes and big spending was the number two story in the nation on most television networks and number one on some. And how could they avoid it? Thousands showed up from coast to coast to express their dismay. What is Obama doing? How can we keep printing paper money? Doesn’t he know that a wave of inflation will hit the shore?

The fact is that many in big business switched to the Democrats in 1964 when they learned how Lyndon Johnson’s new regulations could wipe out their small business competitors and gain them monopolies. And it gained momentum, even in Republican administrations where powerful corporate lobbies ponied up for their share of government largesse. McDonalds, for example, wanted and received government subsidies to compete with French hamburger joints. Chuckle, chuckle. Now you try that. Go ahead. Open a hamburger stand and ask the government for money. Good luck.

ABC blamed the tax revolt on Fox television and talk radio and said that Democrats blamed corporate interests, none of the corporate interests were named but ABC reported it anyway, gotta be fair and give the other side. But I was watching ABC, not Fox and I never listen to the radio and I, too, think that we are spending big. Gee, how did I get that idea? Come to think of it, it must have been ABC. Maybe they are part of the very fringe they fear and don’t yet know it.

Ron Paul’s name was not mentioned. Well, I am told that it was mentioned once on Fox by the good Judge Andrew Napolitano.

That’s okay. Keep it up. Makes us mad. Real mad. And we will take over the GOP and we will give the American people a choice, and when the economy is good and shaken, and the middle class has lost 70% of its wealth, and is no longer middle class, then there just might be enough new poor people out there to elect Ron Paul.

Go on, no really, keep it up. Keep it up. Give us another news story that ignores the only person in America who saw this coming and the only one who is talking sense and the only one who has the answers. Go on. FULL STORY

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WB said...

Here is the current audit of the Federal Reserve that has been completed now for 96 years -

The current bill for an audit of the Federal Reserve is an audit of the audit giving more detail. WJB