Saturday, July 11, 2009

Community Organizers

The other day, this young lady came to my door and introduced herself as a community organizer. My first question to her was, "Have you read the Constitution of the United States and Bill of Rights?"

She said NO. She had never read the Constitution.

I then asked if she had read the Constitution and Bill of Rights of Michigan.

Again she said NO.

I asked her what type of community organization she was promoting if she didn't know what the communities RIGHTS were?

She didn't know.

I felt compelled to educate her.

I gave her a copy of the "Citizens Rule Book" complete with the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights as well as information on Jury Duty.

I gave her FIJA fliers (that's Fully Informed Jury Association).

I gave her a Fiat Empire DVD and a Freedom to Fascism DVD.

That's when she told me that she had to go pick up her daughter and had to leave.

I'm sure she had some questions she wanted to ask me but didn't have time. Maybe she will come back.


free inhabitant Dave said...

A witnessed a soccer mom just trying to get her own Agenda passed. You tried to cast Rose pearls upon the swine. It won't work. These people only embrace freedom when theirs is personally being deprived. Otherwise they care not if another is screwed. You probably really don't want these smucks embracing the Constitution....they would embrace it so well they wouldn't realize it was a CON job. Patrick Henry squarely took aim at that free-mason aristocracy-lover friend of George Washington who coined "we the people..." identifying same as conning people into their own slavery.

Rose said...

Well Dave,

I guess you just had to be there to appreciate the moment.

SonicFreedom said...

Thank You Rose,
every bit of love
hits the core of all,


McKee Family said...

It was worth a try anyway. You never know what might "wake someone up"! Good going! I'll have to have a packet ready by the door!

Anonymous said...

Shoot, I'm deficient in MY reading!! Very nice approach to enlightening the "truth bringer." (haha loved the comeback to Dave!!)