Monday, July 13, 2009

The GOP is grass, guess who's the mower

In another article from The Sentinel, it appears that in-house squabbling is getting in the way of any recruiting efforts or party re-definition. In an apparent disciplinary attempt, it seems that the Republican Party of Florida is attempting to remove voices that either fail or refuse to tow the "party line". Most of these voices appear to be supportive of the views of Dr. Ron Paul. In fact, some Ron Paul supporters feel that the party is attempting to "purge" itself of the Libertarian influence.

This is not a good move for a party that is struggling to find its direction. For a political party that has disconnected with its main constituency, hard working, family oriented, "bread-basket" Americans, it certainly does not want to alienate a potential candidate whose supporter base is measured in Facebook and MySpace subscribers. However, there does seem to be resistance among "old school" Republicans like South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham regarding the popularity of Ron Paul and his supporters. FULL STORY

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