Friday, August 28, 2009

Letter to Senator Levin & Levin's Lame Response

I want everyone to know what kind of REPRESENTATION we have with our Two lame excuses of U S Senators we have. I sent this letter to Senator Levin and Stabenow. So far, I have only received a response from Levin. Stabenow usually take about 6 (six) months to reply.

Gosh, either her staff is so busy handing our money to every Tom, Dick or Bank or they are just plain LAZY. You be the judge.

Senator Carl Levin
269 RSOB
Washington, DC 20515-2202

Senator Levin,

Now that over $12 trillion have been pledged towards our financial crisis, more people than ever are concerned about where their money is going, and if it's accomplishing anything.

But in the face of an ever-worsening recession, the Federal Reserve refuses to furnish Congress and the American people with records of how the Bank is allotting and spending trillions of bailout dollars. Shrouded in secrecy, the Federal Reserve is a danger to our political process: No one knows where our money is going or what it is doing, and Chairman Bernanke has said that efforts to disclose such information are "counterproductive."

But that's my money they're using, Senator Levin! $12 trillion! And without any record of how the Federal Reserve is managing and distributing these trillions of taxpayer dollars, there is no way to know if our present course is sustainable or not.

We must know what is happening with our money, and the Federal Reserve must come clean with the American people.

Per Article I § 3 Michigan Constitution, I am INSTRUCTING you to co-sponsor S 604, The Federal Reserve Sunshine Act of 2009, and do everything in your power to see this bill through to a passing vote.


William &Rose Lear


Dear Mrs. Lear:

Thank you for contacting me about the Federal Reserve Sunshine Act (S.604). I am glad you shared your views with me.

As this session of Congress proceeds, the Senate will confront new legislation addressing many important and timely issues. Should legislation related to this issue come before the full Senate, I will certainly keep your views in mind.

If you have access to the Internet, a useful way to track the progress of an issue or a particular piece of legislation is through the use of my website [] or the Library of Congress legislative information website []. Many of my constituents have found these sites to be valuable tools to find current information about projects I am working on, as well as about Congress in general.

Carl Levin

Did I ask him to consider IF this should come up for a vote?



Here's my response to Levin.

Dear Senator Levin,

I guess my letter wasn't plain enough for you. I am INSTRUCTING YOU to cosponsor S. 604. Your comment that "Should legislation related to this issue come before the full Senate" is nothing more than your continued snide side stepping from the fact that your constitutes are telling you to sponsor this Bill.

If you can't or won't do as we INSTRUCT you to do Senator Levin, then it is time for you to step down and let someone who will REPRESENT THE STATE OF MICHIGAN get the job done.

We are sick and tired of the continued move to Socializing of the Country, a move from a REPUBLIC to a COMMUNIST DICTATORSHIP. You are responsible to us, not your cronies who donate to your campaigns who keep you in the cushy lifestyle you have become accustom to at our expense.

I am posting this letter to you on my blog along with your pathetic response to my letter of INSTRUCTION (per Article 1 § III of the Michigan Bill Of Rights.

Rose Lear


§ 3 Assembly, consultation, instruction, petition.

Sec. 3.
The people have the right peaceably to assemble, to consult for the common good, to instruct their representatives and to petition the government for redress of grievances.

History: Const. 1963, Art. I, § 3, Eff. Jan. 1, 1964
Former Constitution: See Const. 1908, Art. II, § 2.

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Jim said...

I want to thank you for taking the time to write & send this suberb letter. I know there are many others, like myself, who feel as you do but have not yet found the forum by which we can contribute to this ground swell movement.

We must to turn back the tide of socialism, big federal government, and huge deficits that has been infecting our country over these last few decades.

Thanks again for taking action...

Jim in Augusta