Sunday, August 30, 2009

Transparent Frauds

by Ted Nugent

There is nothing transparent in Washington, D.C. And a lot of people work really hard to make sure of that.

The illogical and burdensome laws and regulations produced by the lawyercrats in D.C. are purposefully written to confuse ordinary Americans just so we can't understand what the lawyercrats are doing to us.

Fedzilla never lets fact, truth or objectivity get in its way. Political agenda and power is more important to the bandits in D.C. than doing what is best for America. If the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service wanted to look for the most endangered species in America, they might want to start in D.C. and search for statesmen or transparency. Sadly, I believe
both have long been extinct.

Our constitution is roughly 4,400 words long and quite easy to read. The health care bill is hundreds of thousands of words long and impossible to read. I hope this adds fuel to your anger fire and turns it into a raging inferno. We the people must exercise our will now more than ever. FULL STORY

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