Monday, August 10, 2009

What Obama Does Not Know

A very good friend sent me this last night and said I should watch it. For those who are awake out there, this may not be new information. I'm posting it for those who have yet to wake up, because Richard Maybury has a unique way of explaining the economics so that a 10 year old child can understand it.

Richard Mayburys books and newsletter are endorsed by Congressmen Ron Paul and by the late Harry Browne. This speech was given by Richard Maybury at the Wealth Protection Conference on May 2, 2009. In the speech, Maybury explains three things that the government and mainstream press seem not to understand. These are:

1) The economy is not a machine, it's an ecology made of unimaginably complex biological organisms, meaning people.

2) Models. There is no single economic model, like there is in Newtonian physics. Obama probably does not realize his advisors are giving him conflicting advice because they have different models.

3) Velocity. The speed at which money changes hands is dependent on emotions.

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