Sunday, May 9, 2010

Activists stunning Republican platform win...

In what can only be seen as quite an impressive development a coalition of Ron Paul supporters and social conservatives have had their platform voted in at the Maine Republican Party Convention . The organization and effectiveness of this effort is quite frankly stunning. Due to a lack of organization and foot dragging the platform committee of the Maine Republican Party was blindsided by this effort.

The effect it will have on Maine politics could be quite epic in scope. It has certainly stunned the Republican Party Establishment and the Maine media.

It remains to be seen whether or not this will help or hurt the Republican Party of Maine. The writers of this platform seem to believe that all conservatives in Maine are of the social variety. Or rather they hope that those concerned with social conservatives aspect of the platform will ignore these concerns for the overall theme of the document.

You can read the whole thing here ( and decide for yourself.

Its certainly going to make politics in Maine a far more interesting thing than has been of late. Its tossed a hand grenade of epic proportions into the Republican Party of Maine. We have no idea who the casualties are going to be. FULL STORY

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