Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Michigan State Police investigating Muskegon Heights Police Department about possible missing money

Here we go again. I keep hearing from all over the state that we can't cut police. Who will protect us. That's a good question. Who is going to protect us when we don't have honest people working for us to begin with.

Remember back in February when this story broke? So why are we footing the bill for wages, health care and pensions again? Oh, right, these crooks keep us safe.

By Heather Lynn Peters | Muskegon Chronicle

May 12, 2010, 10:33AM
MUSKEGON HEIGHTS  — An investigation of the Muskegon Heights Police Department is under way concerning possible missing money from a property room.

Authorities from the Michigan State Police, Grand Rapids headquarters, said its detectives are “conducting an investigation involving the Muskegon Heights Police Department.”

Authorities say the police department’s then-Acting Police Chief Ron Rake requested in March that the department be investigated.

“The MSP began an audit of some possible discrepancies into monies received by the Muskegon Heights Police Department,” a press release stated. “As a result of the ongoing audit, detectives believe that monies are missing from the property room of the police department.”

State police authorities say no more information will be released at this time because “it is important to safeguard the integrity of the investigative process to ensure a fair and impartial gathering of facts surrounding the investigation.” FULL STORY