Thursday, May 13, 2010

School Union Brags of Ballot Box Revenge Against Outsourcing

This story is a very good example of what Michigan, as well as other states face today. As the global economic meltdown is taking place, more jobs will be lost and less money will be coming in to support the state, counties, cities, townships, and schools.

Right now, the only way that our schools can survive is to make cuts. They are starting with the lowest people in the pecking order which are custodians. By outsourcing with a private company the school district can save a lot of money that otherwise would be spent on employee benefits. Benefits that in the long run are UNSUSTAINABLE unless you keep raising taxes.

The truth is, we have more UNION PUBLIC EMPLOYEES than we have private working employees. So, when you go to the ballot box, make sure you know who and what you are voting for. Paul Mayers was not only a school custodian, he was also a former union president. His claim that this is a "victory for the working class", should send chills down your spine.

Paul Mayers has never in his life been among the "WORKING CLASS" that has gone out and risked everything to be self-employees. He has never jumped through the hoops of regulations to start a small business. He knows nothing of what it's like to have to support a start up business and a family at the same time. Paul Mayers has never had to pay 100% of his health care and 90% of our public employees at the same time. Paul Mayers had never had to squeeze every dime to try and put something away for emergencies or a retirement while paying in 50% for public employees at the same time.

Maybe sitting on the Durand Public School Board will teach Mr. Mayers something about economics, or maybe not. Time will tell.
By TOM GANTERT | May 12, 2010
Last year, Paul Mayers was a school custodian employed by the Durand Area Public Schools. But in December, Mayers' job was outsourced to PCMI, which hired him back at the same salary wage but reduced benefits.
This month, Mayers ran for the school board and won. He takes office July 1.
His victory sets up an interesting scenario involving unions and their opposition to outsourcing at public schools.
Does Mayers, a former union president, move to try to get his new board members to restore his old job, even though the school administration claims the move to privatize the cooks and custodial staff saved the district $190,000?
Mayers didn't respond to messages left at the school for him.
The Michigan Education Association says Mayers' victory is an example of voters supporting union-backed candidates.
The MEA's press release read: "In Durand, a school custodian whose job was outsourced to a private company in December, won a contested school board election. Paul Mayers, a former union president who now works for the private company, is one of two union-supported candidates who won in Durand." FULL STORY

Meanwhile, another article shows that average teacher salaries continue to rise.

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