Thursday, May 6, 2010

Drug War is a Real War–on American Citizens

This will be very disturbing. It should be. I'm posting this so that people will see what they are supporting when they support the war on drugs. Think this can't happen in your neighborhood? Then read the story below about the Grand Valley student who was shot a year ago. Derek Copp posed no threat to the SWAT task force either. Now is the time for everyone to rethink their position on marijuana.

In the failed War on Drugs, instead of “To Serve and Protect” it’s “To Serve a Warrant and Shoot the Family Pets.” One of the latest is this video where the father of the family got charged with

possession of marijauna.

The Feds don’t enforce immigration laws against foreigners here illegally, but they’ll break down the door of a family in the middle of the night and shoot their corgi?

Maybe, “SWAT Teams Gone Wild”?

No wonder, fewer and fewer Americans have respect for the law. They see Cabinet officials get away with not paying taxes; with illegals breaking the law which the federal government won’t enforce; and, generous taxpayer, federal funding to turn the police forces of small towns into para-military S.W.A.T. teams to bust families in the middle of the night for marijuana possession.

It’s contemptible and it has lead to more crime: mostly, that of turning everyday Americans into shootable perps. To what end–other than the adrenaline rush that only breaking down the door of a family and pretending they’re combating crime brings?

Not every cop is a latent facist. But almost all gun-toting thrill-seeking fascists are cops.

Police officials wonder why an increasing amount of people fear any contact with the police.

Watching the video inspires, not respect for the police, but utter contempt, particularly for the methods employed. And not only for the police shooting family pets, but for their enablers in the court system that make these daily outrages possible. FULL STORY

Derek Copp is name of Grand Valley student shot, injured by police during drug raid

By The Grand Rapids Press
March 12, 2009, 5:04PM

ALLENDALE -- Apartment neighbors of Grand Valley State University student Derek Copp say they cannot fathom what prompted police to shoot him late Wednesday in a drug-related raid.

The 20-year-old student was in serious condition at Spectrum Health Butterworth Hospital.
Copp, a Spring Arbor native, has been at GVSU since 2007, the same year he graduated from Jackson Community College, according to his page on Facebook. He identifies himself as "a left-wing hippie peace-keeping liberal," who is seeking a film and video degree. FULL STORY

Police discuss GVSU shooting

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