Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Just Collateral Damage? Crime show taped Detroit raid that led to 7-year-old's death

Is this what our society is coming to? Just one big REALITY SHOW? We are now allowing the Film Industry to make Jennifer Granholm's new film industry stimulus money turn RAMBO stars out of our local police, and if our children get shot, oh well, the police were just "EXCITED ABOUT BEING ON TV"?

My heart goes out to Aiyana Jones's family. They are far better people than I. You see, I do believe that these police officers are monsters. They get paid by the people of Detroit to keep them safe, not shot helpless 7 year old girls in their sleep. Not to put on a show for movie cameras.

What would little Aiyana have grown up to be? Well never know what her aspirations would have been. This bright eyed, adorable little 7 year old had her life ended because some police officer was excited about being on TV, entered the wrong apartment with gun drawn and shooting. Do we just shrug and tell ourselves it's OK, Aiyana is just Collateral Damage, because we as Americans love Holywood?

Who ever authorized this 'reality crime show' should not only be fired, but prosecuted right along with the officer who shot little Aiyana, as an accomplice.

George Hunter and Paul Egan / The Detroit News

Detroit -- An attorney representing the family of a 7-year-old girl shot to death during a Sunday morning raid says the family knows the Detroit police officer who fired the fatal shot is "not a monster" but said the police operation was flawed and influenced by TV production concerns.

The police "were excited; they were on TV," said Oak Park attorney Karri Mitchell, who is representing the family of Aiyana Jones. "They didn't have to throw a grenade through the front window when they knew there were children in there."

The attempted arrest of a murder suspect at a two-unit house on Lillibridge on the city's east side was videotaped for an episode of "The First 48," a reality crime show on the Arts & Entertainment Network, said Detroit police spokesman John Roach. FULL STORY

And this just in. The Warren Police Department is having the schools hand out fliers inviting you to have your children fingerprinted, voice printed, photographed (mug shots) and more. It's being advertised as "A DAY OF FUN with the cops." Isn't that special. Little Aiyana Jones had a "DAY OF FUN WITH THE COPS", she's dead.

Lets see, if you have your child fingerprinted, voice printed, and photographed now, it will be that much easier to convict them latter if they should try pot. Isn't that special.

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