Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Bishop Richard Williamson on 9/11

Finally, a Catholic Bishop who dares to address the issue of a Police State. When I was a child in Catholic School, (this was before churches registered as 501c(3) corporations) we heard sermons like this one. We were also taught American History and Government as well as Civics in grade school.

The sad thing is there are so few of these good men left in the church due to the infiltration of the liberal Communists. Take the time to listen and you will see what I'm talking about.

Catholic bishop Richard Williamson gave a profound conference in London, England, the weekend 21-23 September 2007 on George Orwells book 1984. The following is his extraordinary sermon the last day. The sermon is perhaps a bit long for being a sermon, but on this topic who can blame him? In this day of age when the global police state is upon us, it is more important than ever that clergy dare to speak out and warn their flock from this nightmarish abyss. Unfortunatly a rare thing from catholic bishops nowadays. Msgr Williamson is of English origin but is presently Rector at Seminario Nuestra Senora Corredentora in Argentine. His Lordships blogg
Society Of Saint Pius X

Bishop Williamson on Orwells 1984 and 911, part 2

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