Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Well, Obama promised CHANGE and America Voted! Be careful what you ask for.

For anyone who wants to doubt that very soon it will be announced that we are no longer the United States of America, but rather the North American Union of States, than you should pay closer attention. Last night, I went to one of our biggest grocery chins, Meijer, and there in the meat counter, every tray marked with price tags that read across the top:

Product of Mexico US Canada.

Not Product of Mexico. Not product of Canada. Not product of USA. I wasn’t the only one who noticed this new labeling in this store. Next time I go, I will take a picture and post it so everyone can see that I am not making this up.

Read Rice’s comments made on April 8, 2008 below and then read and watch the video below posted on MONDAY, DECEMBER 8, under the title of 2008 The S*H*I*T Has Hit the fan IN Canada.

April 8, 2008
Loy Henderson Auditorium
Washington, D.C.

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, Mexican Foreign Secretary Patricia Espinosa, And Canadian Foreign Minister Maxime Bernier After Their Meeting

SECRETARY RICE: Good morning. I am pleased to welcome my colleagues, the Foreign Minister* of Mexico, Foreign Minister* Espinosa and the Foreign Minister of Canada, Foreign Minister Bernier, to this meeting.

We meet today, in part, to prepare the work for a leaders meeting that will take place in New Orleans, which we very much look forward to. It is a meeting that will, first of all, review the progress and give direction to the Security and Prosperity Partnership. This SPP has been a very useful mechanism for organizing the multifaceted work that Canada, the United States and Mexico undertake together. It is work that bridges all of the important issues: security, trade, prosperity.

The S*H*I*T Has Hit the fan IN Canada

3. I dont know if you know what the SPP is, but in its most basic form it is this, Canada, US and Mexico are collaborating on many fronts to utilize each countries strengths to "help" each other, Canada's resources, US security forces, and Mexico's manpower.

4. A document that was just released yesterday, but dated February 14, 2008 was a part of the SPP, it was signed by the US and Canada, stating that either, nuculear, chemical, or biological attack, or PROPERTY DAMAGE, would allow for troops from each country to enter the other, and police the citizens.

Have any of you watched the movie Red Dawn?

How about the last episode of Boston Legal which aired last night. For a show with such HIGH RATINGS, makes you wonder why ABC canceled them.

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