Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Man Who Predicted The Economic Meltdown

by David Folkenflik
From NPR (you can listen to the broadcast by following the link):

Since then, the economy has played out pretty much exactly the way Schiff said it would.

"Peter Schiff said a year ago on our air the Dow will fall below 10,000," says Liz Claman, an anchor for the year-old Fox Business Network. "Several people on the set scoffed, [but] he was right, as you see today."

Peter Schiff - (Former Ron Paul Economic Advisor) Versus Art Laffer (Former Ronald McReagan Economic Advisor) - August 28, 2006 - Peter Schiff

Reagan's economic advisor challenges Peter Schiff's predictions. He bets him a penny... and loses. DOW and Dollar in freefall.
China, Russia and India to be the next imperial power

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