Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Is Obama Above The Law?

On Monday, December 1 and again today, December 3, The We The People Foundation has placed an Ad in the Chicago Tribune titled, "An Open Letter To Obama". (View Here)

In response to the Monday Ad, a Chicago Sun-Times reporter (and I do use the word reporter loosely), Mary Mitchell wrote this article.

We The People acting like We The Desperate

Campaign to discredit Obama has gone beyond ridiculous

Only now, the accusations aren't funny.

They are dangerous

These loonies -- like the skinheads from Tennessee who planned to dress up in coattails and top-hats and go on a racist killing spree before targeting Obama -- eat up conspiracy theories.

In the age of the BlackBerry, what Mark Twain noted decades ago is still true. "A lie can get halfway around the world before the truth even gets its boots on."

After the name calling and labeling those who dare to question as "racist killers", Mitchell goes on to smear We The People Chairman, Robert Schulz as a known "Tax Protester" and "just looking for donations".

Then Reality hit Mary Mitchell. The Internet!!! where people can post their comments to this article. All 18 pages of comments which 95% of them by people who want to see the "for real" documentation that Obama is a "for real NATURAL BORN CITIZEN"! (Click Here and scroll down to read comments)

I guess when Mary Mitchell went to the We The People web site, she missed the part about how not once but twice now, We The People have used our First Amendment Secured Right to Petition on very serious Constitutional Violations and to date, NOT ONE OF THE DC CROOKS HAVE BOTHERED TO ANSWER. Including Obama.

No, rather than be a real journalist, Mitchell would rather pull the "racist killers" card and slander than research the issue and truthfully inform the public. This is the on going problem that Main Stream Media is now facing.

Not only do the current President and Congress have low approval ratings and lack of trust from the Citizens in this country, but neither does the Media hold an credibility and trust either.

Far to many Americans are wondering why when they enroll their children in school, apply for a drivers license or anything else, they have to produce their papers to prove Citizenship. So why doesn't Obama?

We are only after all asking to see the original Birth Certificate signed by the doctor who delivered him, stating what hospital he was born in, and where that birth took place.

We are only asking to see what name and under what country he was registered in all those fancy colleges he went to after he returned from Indonesia.

When John McCain was challenged, he produced all his documents to prove his citizenship. Why hasn't Obama? After all, at least we knew that McCain parents were both American Citizens, not like Obama.

As an attorney, one would think that Obama would want to follow the letter of the law and put this to rest by producing ALL the documents asked for. Not doing so begs one to wonder what is Obama hiding.

Tax activist's ad challenges Obama's eligibility for office

An anti-tax activist from upstate New York who is questioning whether President-elect Barack Obama is a "natural born citizen" eligible for the nation's top job said Tuesday that his non-profit group spent ... FULL STORY


Chicago, IL
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I sign up my kid for basketball at the park district and the clerk demands a birth certificate to show his age. Obama thinks he can become President of our country without producing a birth certificate--one that at least doesn't have the state registration number redacted. This is 1933 and you crazy people are goose stepping to a charismatic leader who either (1) is ineligible to be president because he wasn't born here or (2) is so aloof, doesn't believe he has to release an unredacted copy of his birth certificate. The next time you need to turn over a copy of your birth certificate, say to a bank or your state's DMV, just for fun, try showing a copy with the registration number blacked out to see if they'll accept it. Why should we accept Obama's redacted birth certificate?

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