Tuesday, December 30, 2008

New Castle man sues over Barack Obama's eligibility

Bethany Tabb
The Courier Times
Staff Writer

His lawsuit regarding this issue isn't the only one. Ankeny said four other similar lawsuits have been filed in Alabama, Georgia, Illinois and Michigan.

"I know that most people consider us right-wing, nut jobs and wackos and so forth," he said, "but there is a legitimate question there."

Obama's birthplace is undecided until it's proven in court, Ankeny said. Some of the previous lawsuits have asked Obama to produce a birth certificate, he said, but so far Obama has refused.

"This is a person about whom we know less than the local city bus driver or the cop on patrol that polices your street," he said. "This is a person who has kept private many things that we ought to know about the man."

Ankeny sees a few possible outcomes to the lawsuit. If Obama is eligible, nothing would change.

He says the suit is doing something "very constitutional" that he hopes will bring Indiana back into compliance with the Constitution. FULL STORY.

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