Thursday, December 4, 2008


By: Devvy
December 4, 2008
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Back in September, I happened upon a column titled 'Time for a Taxpayer Revolt.' As I began to read the column, I thought, "This is good." The two authors were outlining the disaster of the so-called "bail outs" underway. As I worked my way through the column, I realized it was just more blame Republicans. At the bottom of this drivel, out popped the ignorance of the authors as they spewed their socialism: the government should help people build houses, create jobs for the greenie movement and universal health care.

I was out of the state from November 16 - December 2nd. When I travel I always try to engage Americans on current issues just to see what they know. The bail out issue has people hopping mad, yet we're to believe Americans supposedly voted all the same crooks back into office? The one thing that did surprise me was how many folks from restaurant personnel, gas station employees, grocery store, you name it - have heard about the citizenship controversy surrounding Comrade Obama.

I warned in a column back on September 25, 2008, the bail out disaster would be a never ending hemorrhage and we the people will be the ones bankrupted while CON-gress makes sure their banking buddies are bailed out. Congress critters continue to appear on cable networks talking about how the auto industry CEOs need to give them a plan so they can unlawfully dole out loans. Not one of them except Ron Paul has firmly stated that the U.S. Constitution forbids Congress from acting as a bank giving lines of credit, owning banks, bailing out private industry (auto and insurance) and dictating employment terms to private corporations. Now the states of the Union are lining up like beggars because they, along with their state legislatures, have mismanaged their budgets and want you and I to pay the interest on any money unlawfully loaned to these states by a corrupt Congress.FULL STORY.

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