Saturday, January 3, 2009

Holding Governments Accountable

Last week I posted "The Biggest Game In Town" about the "Government CAFR wealth shell game".
It made me think after watching Walter Burien explain the CAFR Reports in the video posted HERE.

So I went to the site and started reading all the information on how to download a program we can use to create audit surplus reviews of any State, County, City, or School District CAFR. What a great tool Mr. Burien has given us to hold our local officials accountable.

While searching for my county CAFR on line, I came across this site put up last year by J Jurkas of Muskegon. The county Administrator wanted to raise our taxes to finish remodeling of our county court house. I have to say, this information is probably why the county Administrator handed in his resignation last summer and the Board accepted it. Take a look at Mr. Jurkas's web site HERE.

Mr. Jurkas used the CAFR Report to show that the county has a surplus of $80,335,841. Click Here.

We can make a difference and change our government.

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