Sunday, January 4, 2009

"Someone has stolen my country...And I want her back"

One year and four months after the "Boston Tea Party", the "Shot heard around the World" was fired at Lexington Green. On the night of April 18th 1775, Samuel Adams and John Hancock while sleeping at Pastor Jonas Clark's house in Lexington, when Paul Revere arrived bringing news the "British were coming" to arrest them. The British were then heading to Concord to retrieve the cannons and gunpowder the Militia had confiscated a few months before from Fort Mary and William (Portsmouth,NH). Pastor Lear was born in Lexington,Mass. One of his ancestors fought in the "Battle of Lexington".

He has stood many times on the Lexington Green and delivered Pastor Jonas Clark's sermon to the Minutemen for April 19, 1775 including April 19, 2007.

Home of The Patriot Pastor & The Heroes of American Liberty

He is an official member of The National, Massachusetts and New Hampshire Society Sons Of The American Revolution.

Garrett Lear The Patriot Pastor speaks at the 2008 Boston Tea Party rally Dec.15th 2008 at Fanueil Hall.

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