Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Stop the Muskegon Madness!

This is an issue close to home. Muskegon County, Michigan. Our County Commissioners have decided that because some federal grant money is available, they NEED to spend it. I guess that Muskegon County Commissioners don't understand the Financial Crisis that we are in. Maybe they don't understand that this money is borrowed from the Private Federal Reserve Bank and that We The People must pay it back with INTEREST.

Now what are they proposing to spend this money on? A multilevel parking ramp. Not just any parking ramp though. In order to MAKE this parking ramp qualify for the use of this grant money, they will need to tear down the perfectly good, not very old buss depot and incorporate a new depot into the parking ramp.

The cost for this project is a mere $8.6 million. That's a lot of money to build a multilevel parking ramp to replace the three tear parking ramp they just tore down. Did I mention that NO ONE ever used the old one?

Right next to the the proposed new project site is a FREE parking lot that has at any one time maybe 6 or 7 cars parking there.

Then there's the cost of maintaining this parking structure. How does $150,000 a year sound to the taxpayers in Muskegon County. My buddy at the Muskegon Pundit has sounded the alarm on this project and it needs to be stopped.

The only Commissioner with a lick of common sense who opposed this was Bill Gill from District 8.

The rest, Kenneth Mahoney D1, Charles Buzzell D2, John Snider D3, James Derezinski D4, Marvin Engle D5, Lew Collins D6, Charles Nash D7, Louis McMurray D9, Roger Wade D10, and Robert Scolnik D11 should all be ashamed of themselves for voting to waste taxpayer money at a time when the Federal Government, State Government, County Government, and all City and Townships are crying poor.

You can voice your complaints about this issue by contacting your commissioner at (231) 724-6505 or send an email to

Get out and tell everyone you know to get involved in letting these guys know that we don't want, need and won't pay for this extravagant waist of taxpayer money.

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