Monday, January 12, 2009

I Want My Bailout Money


I wrote this song to help spread the message about the unprecedented theft of money from the American people that has been masterminded by the white-collar criminals running our country today. U.S. Treasury officials and Federal Reserve officials have conspired to steal trillions of dollars from everyday Americans by creating insane quantities of new money and handing it over to their rich, incompetent banker friends. It is one of the greatest financial cons ever perpetrated in human history, and yet few people seem to understand what's actually going on.

This song intends to send a warning message to a new generation of Americans who typically might not read news websites but enjoy entertaining music. The message it delivers is very clear: If we hope to have a financial future in America (or even a future for America as a nation), the People must find a way to take back their money supply from the crooks in Washington and get back to an honest money system that cannot be manipulated by white-collar criminals running the Fed and the Treasury. Flatly stated, if we don't stop the mad debt spending, end the financial rewarding of incompetent bankers, solve our health care crisis, balance the federal budget deficit and kick the crooks out of Washington, we may soon see an era of runaway hyperinflation and possibly even the financial demise of America as we know it. CLICK HERE TO LISTEN TO I WANT MY BAILOUT MONEY SOUND TRACK.

Michael Adams, the "Health Ranger," creator of I Want My Bailout Money and editor of

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