Saturday, January 17, 2009

Who Owns Muskegon?

I'm reading this article about the SS Milwaukee Clipper which is now being restored as a National Historic Landmark. Shouldn't it be a Muskegon/Milwaukee Landmark?

Click Here Commission likes new plan for Clipper

The story goes on to say that the Non Profit Group who purchased the Clipper is looking for a place along the Muskegon Lake Shore to dock it. They wanted to dock it downtown at the Hartshorn Marina but the State Department of Natural Resources objected because the marina complex was developed LARGELY through government grants. When our city and county accept Government Money through grants, we also get the strings that are attached. They own us. We are no longer in charge but have to submit to BIG BROTHER dictates.

The County Commissioners now want to build a new Parking structure downtown based on Federal Grant money. All they have to do is tear down the perfectly good Transit Bus Station and incorporate it in to the plans for a parking structure that will charge you to park in downtown Muskegon.

I wonder if the County Commissioners are aware of the financial crises this country faces. The Federal Government is BROKE! They are borrowing Trillions from the Private Federal Reserve Bank and using your children and grandchildren as collateral.

We are forced to send our money to the IRS to pay the interest on the debt so so that Congress can borrow more to bribe our city and county elected officials with it. The grant bribe money will not pay the entire bill so the city and county will force us to make up the difference. The reality is that we will finance the entire project without having a say in it.


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