Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Take off those Rosy Colored Glasses

Now that the Celebration is over, Obama is now in Command, maybe we can all get focused on what needs to be done.

Is Obama going to save us?

Anyone who thinks that Obama, or anyone else for that matter can just walk into the Oval Office and wave a magic wand to make things better lives in La La Land. Take off those Rosy Colored Glasses and take a look around you.

The only one who can do anything for you is YOU.!!!

And YOU can only help yourself if you know the Problem and the History of the Problem.

We are going into (if not already there) the Greatest Depression the world has ever experienced. Don't think so, then go back and read the article I posted by Larry Bumgarner.

When the first wave of inflation hits, those who refuse to believe it's going to happen will be angry, but won't have a clue what to do about it. The lines at soup kitchens and food banks will just get longer until there isn't anything left to hand out.

These are the people who can't think for themselves and believe that governments have all the answers.

These are the people who won't pick up a book and read about the last Depression and the Revolts that took place back then. But again, these were educated people back during the Great Depression. Not the dumb down society we have today.

The book that everyone should read is TAXPAYERS IN REVOLT, Tax Resistance During The Great Depression by David T. Beito. It can be purchased at Ludwig von Mises Institute.

Back during the 20's and 30's, people know that control of government started at the local county level and filtered up. They were organized by county all across the nation. If they controlled the spending of the county government, they controlled all taxes.

This book is not about the IRS or Income taxes. It is about Property Taxes, Special Assessments, and the proposals to tax tobacco, gas, and ect. ect..

People were loosing their property due to default on HIGH PROPERTY TAX and SPECIAL ASSESSMENTS.

Want to know how they organized to save property from tax sales? They formed an association or group, when the county held a tax sale they showed up with their guns and chased any potential buyer away. Then they purchased the property back for $1.89 and returned it to the owner.

But then, they didn't have all these gun control laws, police swat teams, and a dumb down public to deal with.

These people knew what their Constitution and Bill of Rights were about and how to enforce them.

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