Tuesday, June 29, 2010

As you can see from today's posts below, Lame Stream Media and the TV Pundits are finally admitting what Ron Paul, Peter Shiff, and many others have said all along. The Keynesian economics doesn't work. I heard it several times on FOX just yesterday.

That's right, the same FOX NEWS that laughed and ridiculed Ron Paul when he ran in the last primaries. Ever wonder what would have happened if the GOP and FOX hadn't done everything they could to keep Ron Paul from winning the nomination? I do.

We wouldn't have had the bank bailout because Ron Paul would have made it a very unpopular vote.

We might see more support for ending the Private Federal Reserve Bank's control over our monetary system.

There would be an end to spending bills because Ron Paul would make it much harder to get them passed by his veto.

But, now, we can only hope that Ron Paul will run again and this time, maybe, just maybe, the media as well as the people of this country will be more accepting of the truth and allow someone come in and clean up this mess. Will it be painful, you bet it will, but it didn't have to get this bad except no one wanted to face reality back then. Now we will all suffer through the process together and hope that future generations will not make the same mistakes that we did.

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