Monday, June 21, 2010

Great jobs apartheid: Public sector staff spend nine fewer years at work over lifetime than private employees AND earn 30% more

This is what we are also facing here in the United States. Let's just look at the IRS. Starting pay is $60.000 to over $100,000, Health Care and Pension. Not Bad.


Public sector employees work nine years less than their private sector counterparts but are paid 30 per cent more, a bombshell report reveals today.

Extraordinary research tells a tale of two Britains - a state sector awash with taxpayers' cash while the rest of the economy struggles to stay afloat.

Public sector workers enjoy better pay than those in the private sector, as well as better pensions, shorter hours, and earlier retirement. FULL STORY

How about City of Muskegon employees? Well, these union employees don't do so bad either. In fact, because of their union contracts, we have to go on a waiting list and if were lucky, they will come trim the tree in front of your house TWO years later. Now lets not quibble about the fact that you don't want the big Maple tree there, because some city employee (not an elected official) decided that it would be neat to have the canopy effect. So why would you not want these big messy trees that every couple of years, the roots upheave the sidewalk which the CITY sends you the TAX bill to come and repair?

We get the privilege of taking care of the grass between the road and sidewalk, but we are not allowed to touch the trees. If we were, then we wouldn't need so many CITY employees to support with a better lifestyle than we enjoy, and maybe, just maybe, were denying some individual of making a living by contracting with the homeowner to do the same thing we pay LAZY CITY EMPLOYEES to do.

Yes, I said LAZY CITY EMPLOYEES. We have a little island that we used to cut because it would be knee high before these well paid Muskegon City Employees got around to do it. But that guy who rids around the neighborhood in the Muskegon EPA car will send you a letter if your grass gets over 12 inches, threatening to send LAZY CITY EMPLOYEES to come cut your postage stamp size lot and charge you $80 for it.

I wonder when the people in the City of Muskegon will wake up and stop supporting the Democrats here who come right out of our CITY EMPLOYEE POOL.

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