Sunday, June 13, 2010

Dear Patriots and Fellow Election Integrity Advocates,

We (VoteRescue in Austin, Texas) have been tracking Bob Schulz's National Clean Elections Lawsuit (NCEL) since its inception and want to applaud each of you for the courage to be the first plaintiffs in this very important court case which challenges secret vote counting with electronic voting machines and calls it what it is:  UNCONSTITUTIONAL.

As most of you are aware, Motions to Dismiss the NCEL case in 49 states occurred awhile ago; but some of you may NOT be aware that the one state where the case is moving forward is NEW YORK, and a JURY TRIAL is expected to occur there in early 2011.  A new website has been created for NCEL and the link is here: which gives all pertinent information including background, court documents on the case, a DONATE button, and even has a blog capability for interested parties.

Bob has been moving forward with this case at great personal expense of his time and finances; he has already paid extensively for various court-related expenses and there will be more to come before it's all over.  HE NEEDS OUR HELP!

Therefore we are reaching out to you on his behalf to request any financial assistance you could afford at this time:  $10, $25, $50, $100, or more...whatever your budget might allow.  Use the "DONATE" button on the website to help Bob finish the job that you all started together:  Reclaiming elections back from corporations, and into the hands of citizens, by eliminating electronic voting and returning to hand-counted paper ballot elections.

(By the way, the German equivalent of our Supreme Court found electronic to be unconstitutional in that country last year - because they said "It should take no special technical knowledge for a voter to understand how their vote was counted."  Let's help Bob bring this same critical lesson to the U.S.!)

We hope you'll DONATE TODAY!

Thanks so very much!
Vickie Karp - Co-Director, VoteRescue(.org)
Karen Renick - Director & Founder, VoteRescue(.org)

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