Thursday, June 24, 2010

Why I am supporting Rick Snyder for Governor

After carefully reviewing the background and track records of each candidate running for Office of Governor for the State of Michigan, I have made my choice to support Rick Snyder.

If ever Michigan voters needed to put their personal feelings and special interest aside and look for the best qualified person, it's now.

With Rick Snyder's background as a Business Tax Accountant, who would know better how to look over the state's budget and spending, and make the though decisions that will be necessary to finally bring Michigan back to a sustainable balanced budget. Something we have been missing for a very long time.

Rick's MBA degree and business experience gives him an insight on which regulations are stifling our Michigan Business, and which regulations are necessary to promote growth in the private sector of our failing economy.

I am also finding that Rick Snyder is a very hands on type of person who is Open, Transparent, and above all, Honest. I don't know one Michigan Voter who isn't saying that these are three of the most important things they are looking for.

What really helped me make my final decision to support Rick Snyder was the video below. He is not someone who is playing to any special interest group as the rest of the candidates are.

Rick Snyder tells you in his own words that "He is here to represent each and every individual in the State of Michigan. That tells me Rick Snyder has read the Michigan Constitution and understands that we are ALL to be treated equally, and that our personal UNALIENABLE RIGHTS are not to be infringed upon.


JF said...

About Transparency

ANN ARBOR,MI 48105ARDESTA INC./PRESIDENT6/23/05 $500Its My Party Too PAC


ANN ARBOR,MI 48105ARDESTA/CEO 5/14/03$1,000 Dingell, John D (D)SNYDER, RICHARD D
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Its My Party Too PAC
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JF said...

More Transparency

From MI right to Life

"In a recent guest commentary on the web site of the Grand Rapids Press, Michigan gubernatorial Rick Snyder claims that he is "pro-life" and "strongly believe(s) in the rights of the unborn."

Rick Snyder may claim to be "pro-life" and "believe in the rights of the unborn" but his financial support for the Proposal 2 campaign to legalize the killing of human embryos for research in Michigan proves otherwise........Also, every candidate for governor is going to be spending a lot of time focusing on improving Michigan's economy. Wouldn't Michigan be better off with a prolife candidate who wants to improve the economy than a candidate who thinks his plan to improve the economy makes him "pro-life."

Link to Rick Snyder's editorial:

Rose said...

After reading these two comments, I sent a message to Rick Snyder's campaign asking them to address these issues for me. I had no prior knowledge of this activity.

I also would like to know where Rick stands on the 2nd and 10th Amendments.

Rose said...

I posted questions to Rick yesterday through his web site asking for either Rick or his staff to address. So far, I have heard nothing back.

This is not good. I would have expected that at least his staff would have contacted me to let me know they are getting the answers. Hmmmmm, did I make a mistake and jump the gun on this one?