Friday, June 25, 2010

The Coming U.S. Real Estate Crash

Last night I listened to a debate between 4 of the Republican candidates who want to be Governor of Michigan. The majority of questions were about the economy and jobs. All candidates said the same thing, GOVERNMENT does not create jobs, people do. GOVERNMENT must get out of the way so they can. One candidate, Congressman Pete Hoekstra even said that GOVERNMENT needs to give the people "A little more FREEDOM".

I wonder what happened to those "UNALIENABLE RIGHTS" guaranteed and protected by the Constitution?

Here are two stories talking about ANOTHER Real Estate Crash about to happen. Then you should listen to the video interview with Gerald Celente below. It really doesn't matter anymore who you vote for, no one is going to stop the devastation this country is going to go through. But at least Celente has some tips on how to survive it.

The Coming U.S. Real Estate Crash

Right now the United States is heading for another real estate crash. The only thing that has been holding it back was the huge bribe (called a tax credit) that the U.S. government was giving people to buy houses. Now that the tax credit has expired, there is no artificial incentive to buy homes and the real estate market has fallen through the floor. Unfortunately, there is every indication that things are going to get even worse. Read on to find out why.... FULL STORY

Lousy Economy Pulling Rug Out
From Under Housing

by Mike Larson 06-25-10

Heads up, folks! It’s time for a very important housing market update from the front lines.

More than a year ago in these cyberpages, I told you that housing was stabilizing. All my indicators pointed to an improvement in conditions — less deadweight inventory on the market … increased sales rates … stabilization in pricing.

Many housing and housing-related stocks ramped after that alert came out. Some even hit multi-month and multi-year highs! And staying short during that period would’ve killed your portfolio.

But now?

The times they are a-changing once again. The reason? The lousy economy is pulling the rug out from under housing! FULL STORY

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Scott said...

The recession has pulled the trigger. Private companies are not hiring new people. On the other hand companies have started firing people everywhere to get control over the salary expense. What is the Government doing to save us from this situation?

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