Thursday, June 10, 2010

Gerald Celente on Financial Sense Newshour with Jim Puplava June 05 2010

Fascism has come to America : Gerald Celente

Matthews Perverts Tea Party Movement: Participants View Federal Government as British Occupiers

“You know that Gadsden flag, the ‘Don’t Tread on Me Flag’ with a rattlesnake is so important,” Matthews said. “They believe, a lot of people in the right – that the federal government has replaced the British as the occupying force in North America and they have to be ready to fight it. It’s serious business.”

But the scary thing, according to Matthews, is these people he has caricatured have guns.
“Some have the guns, some don’t,” Matthews said. “Some have the Tea Party aspect. But it’s always that flag, ‘Don’t Tread on Me.’ They believe Washington is London.” FULL STORY

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Internet said...

I tend to view the Federal Reserve as Primarily a British Institution.


It is privately owned with stock ownership that American CITIZENS are NOT permitted to purchase, hold or own.

So WHO DOES own this stock?

The Bank of England, along with the Rothschild's Banking Families of BOTH England and France.
So why does British Royalty own and control the money supply being used within the USA?

If as we know, the US Congress primarily does the bidding of, by and for the Federal Reserve, then who owns, runs and controls -- by proxy -- the US Congress?

The British touched off the Revolutionary War of 1776, when they went after our guns and ammo supplies.

The British INVADED the USA in
1812, then burned down the White House, and Murdered over 3,000 Americans in Baltimore, MD.
A far greater proportion of the US population then, as opposed to today, or, 2001.

Then there was the Civil War in which the British took sides.

In 1913, we got the Federal Reserve Act, which began the process of giving control over our money supply to the same folks listed above.

Then, in 1963, we had the next "British Invasion," which was the Beatles, followed by the Rolling Stones. Recently, Sir Paul McCartney of the same, boldly chastised all opposed to Obama, who is also a reported British Subject, "elected" in 2008.

I do NOT follow Lyndon LaRouch, as he is OPPOSED to using US Constitutional gold and silver coin in our money, but other then that, he is against the British.

Really, we do have many similarities to the condition of the circumstances as when we began our nation's quest for Freedom and Liberty, in 1776, dealing with precisely the same geographically based enemy.

It appears to me that British Royalty has NEVER "gotten over" that 1776 "thing."

Where can you go wrong on this one?
"Is Ending the Economic Crisis ILLEGAL?"